Common Exterior Paint Problems and How to Fix Them

Your house’s paint might be the cheapest maintenance you could do in your home that affects greatly how your house’s foundation is protected as well as how you maintain your house’s curb appeal. No matter how we clean and maintain our exterior paint on a regular basis, there are still problems and issues that we face that make us frustrated. Worse, there are things that we do that help deteriorate and damage the exterior paint little do we know. 

 If you are looking for aexterior painting service, there are some that you can trust and that would guarantee you the best results. But, since we also have a responsibility as the owner, we need to identify some of the common problems in house paint to prevent them in the future.  


1.Checking and alligatoring paint 

Checking is when you notice some long, fairly evenly spaced cracks in the paint. Although they look mild, they can also become severe in the long run. 


Alligator skin type of problem can be manifested when the surface developers a cracked pattern with deep relief that resembles the reptile’s skin.  


Possible root causes: 

  • Natural aging of the wall materials as well as the paint. All materials that make up the raw surface of your wall.  
  • The oil-based paint has naturally aged and expired, and this led to the cracks you were able to notice 
  • The second coated that was applied was incompatible to the first paint and this makes the cracks appear sooner and more obviously  
  • The second coat of paint was put even if the first coat had not dried yet.  


2.Blistering paint 

This is characterized by the small to large size bubbles that can be seen under the paint film. This is commonly seen on trim and wood siding.  


Possible root causes  

The paint was put even of the wood is no dry and this caused the paint to trapped moisture that led to the paint expansion.  

The house accumulated moisture and this escaped through the walls that led to the damage. This is caused by poor ventilation of the house 

The paint was applied under the heat of the sun that caused it to trap the solvent vapor  

Low-quality latex paint 



This is characterized by a fine chalky powder that forms on the surface of the wall. Some of the cases are normal and you shud not worry about his. However, excessive chalking can be a sign of potential damage.  


Possible root causes: 

Low-quality siding 

Over-thinned plaint  

Applying the paint in improper method 

Cheaper quality exterior paint 


Other common problems: 

Efflorescence – characterized by a crusty white salt deposits 

Sagging or running  – characterized by a droppy, dripping appearance of the paint film 

Mildew – characterized by the black, green, brown, or dark splotchy spots on the paint.  

Ther are many potential damages you may experience on your paint and no matter what you do, paints are always susceptible to damage. Prolong its life by using quality paint and maintaining t so well. Also, always hire a professional painter.  


Things to Consider When Choosing a New Roof

One question that a lot of homeowners frequently ask is how to choose the right roof. Purchasing and installing a new roof can now be a near-year round effort in the United States with the home improvement season arriving earlier every summer and growing ever longer into winter.  

When you’re planning to install a new roof, you’ve got to invest time today to consider what you need and want in your next roof. Keep in mind that it is a huge investment.  

When it comes to choosing a roof, there are a couple of things to consider. These things will exactly determine what you want to achieve with your roof. You can avoid disappointment in the future if you do your homework today and openly defining the features and benefits you would like in your roof.  

You need to build purchasing criteria today if you are planning to install a new roof this year.  

You can compare buying a roof by buying a new car. To figure out what you want to achieve with your new car, you always carefully research, right? This should also be applied when it comes to choosing a roof.  

Before you hire a professional Jefferson City MO roofer, here are a couple of considerations to make when choosing a roof: 

Eco-Friendly Benefits 

A couple of homeowners prefer the idea of a roof that’s made with recycled materials. Are you one of these homeowners?  

Energy Efficiency 

Oftentimes, homeowners who are located in warm areas or are extremely cautious with the operating expenses of their house will look for metal roofs with integral thermal breaks and reflective coatings. This will help them lower their summer energy expenses by up to 25%. 

Wind Resistance 

A metal roof that includes interlocking panels will offer the protection that you need if hurricanes regularly threaten you or if strong winds tend to be an issue in your location. 

Fire Safety 

Nowadays, bigger areas of the country appear to be vulnerable to firestorms. A non-combustible roof might be one thing that you have to consider if you are in one of these places.  

Long-Life Durability 

Durability might mean an excellent deal to your choice if you are planning to live in your house for more than a decade. However, this might mean less if you are planning to sell your home. 


Is the appearance of the roof vital to you? If that’s the case, do you want to extremely modern look such as a standing seam? Do you want something gallant with a shake? Or do you prefer a traditional look such as shingles? 

The things mentioned above are just a couple of considerations that you have to make. Your purchasing criteria can also include things such as proper installation, no exposed fasteners, unique flashing, the grade of coating, or a particular color.  

The idea here is that you need to figure out what you want to achieve with your new roof. This will help you avoid regretting your decision in the future.  

How to Effectively Maintain Your Fence?

Your fence isn’t just a functional structure. In fact, it can go a long way in terms of how a garden and home look. And if your fence is well-maintained, it could be one of the greatest assets of your property. Your fence does not have to be there for security purposes only. You can actually help it to look good and well-maintained. Here are the things you need to consider if you want to improve your fence:

Fix repairs

Even the tiniest problem with your fence could get bigger fast over time. It is important to address the minimal problems of your fence right away after noticing them. The typical issues your fence might experience include loose screws or nails, splintering, and cracking. If you aren’t confident in doing the fixing by yourself, never hesitate to contact the experts.

Stain or paint

Staining and painting could make aesthetic fences and offers various effects. It can also help to instantly change the appearance of your home or garden. Aside from that, it helps in keeping your fence from the elements.

Keep up the gate

The gate is part of your fence and, perhaps, it’s the place where your visitors enter to get inside your house. This can be your chance to get a nice first impression from your visitors as soon as they get in. Hence, you need to guarantee that the gate is well-maintained and is in great condition.

Fix any broken links or loose nails

To keep pets and children safe, guarantee that your fence will do not have nails that stick out or lose nails. Moreover, repair any missing link, loose wire, or stuff similar to that.

Prevent utilizing household and toxic cleaners

Household cleaners could result in more harm than good. Instead, you should look for products that are specifically intended to clean that kind of fence you have. Or you can also choose to just use the jet washer if you have one.

Change your broken posts

If your fence posts are broken, it could be extremely unappealing. You must attempt to fix it immediately or change them as soon as possible to keep it look good and to maintain its integrity.

Maintain the wood

If you have a wood fence, it could be crucial since it can either begin to crack or get infested easily. As much as possible, you should keep up and treat your wood fence on a regular basis by treating it against insects, repainting it, or applying oil.

Power wash your fence

Look for someone who has a steam cleaner or a jet washer. You can also opt to hire a professional cleaner for one day. This is needed to remove all the build-up and grime that accumulates because of being exposed to the elements.

Clean any plant materials

If you can see any mold, trailing vines, and leaves on your fences, you have to wash these away using the right type of tools and products.

If you still don’t have a fence in your home, you should have one now. For services like fence installation Kenosha or fence repairs, reach us immediately.